RTC: Two is not better than one

Here’s today’s edition of Reading the Coverage on the first official day of the regular season:

Mike Chappell of The Indianapolis Star writes about how the Colts and Oakland Raiders are in different positions when it comes to quarterback. The Colts have their franchise quarterback in Andrew Luck. The Raiders are trying to keep their quarterback situation between Matt Flynn and Terrelle Pryor quiet, which really means they don’t have a quarterback.

Columnist Bob Kravitz, also of The Star, gives his season predication. We’re on the same page because he also has the Colts going 10-6 this season.

Speaking of Oakland’s quarterback situation, Tom James of the Terre Haute Tribune also touches on the whole secret game the Raiders are playing. Raiders coach Dennis Allen, “I haven’t made an announcement yet. Nor will I.” Hey coach, the secret is out. Everybody knows Pryor is your starter. You can go ahead and admit it now.