Fullbacks will still be part of Colts' offense

INDIANAPOLIS -- Stanley Havili was the only true fullback on the Indianapolis Colts' roster last season.

He was used in short-yardage blocking situations, rarely carrying the ball (seven carries for 7 yards). He did catch the ball out of the backfield (18 catches for 128 yards and two touchdowns). Colts coach Chuck Pagano also used some tight ends in the backfield as fullbacks when Havili was injured.

"There are certain situations where you're short yardage, you're goal line, the 4-minute offense when you're trying to take the air out of the game and you've got a lead, you want to get in a two-back formation, having a guy like Stanley is very valuable,” Pagano said. “Not only is he a good blocker and a threat out of the backfield to catch the ball, but he plays on (special) teams.”

The fullback is somewhat of a dying breed in the NFL, but the Colts plan to continue to use it, which means there remains a spot on the roster for Havili.

“There's not many being developed and used at the college level anymore,” Pagano said of fullbacks. “So it's always nice to have one of those guys so you don't have to take a Dwayne Allen or Coby (Fleener) or somebody else and stick them in the backfield -- a guy who's not built for it. We all know how fullbacks are built like fire hydrants. They're short-necked, thick guys who love running into things. So they're hard to find.”