How many prime-time games for Colts?

INDIANAPOLIS – You would think the release of the NFL schedule is a national holiday, where everything is shut down with so much excitement surrounding it.

The Indianapolis Colts have the easiest schedule based off the 110-146 combined record of their opponents last season. That’s on paper. The Colts will have a tough schedule facing teams like Denver, New England and Baltimore next season.

Here are the Colts’ 2014 opponents:

Home: Tennessee, Houston, Jacksonville, New England, Washington, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Baltimore

Away: Tennessee, Houston, Jacksonville, Dallas, New York Giants, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Denver

Based off the schedule and the fact the Colts have quarterback Andrew Luck, I can see them possibly having five prime-time games next season.

Here are the five prime-time games I think the Colts will have:

  • Washington: Luck vs. Robert Griffin III">Robert Griffin III, the top two picks from the 2012 draft, facing each other for the first time.

  • Denver: Luck vs. Peyton Manning Part II.

  • New England: Luck vs. Bill Belichick. Luck has thrown seven interceptions in two games against the Patriots.

  • Dallas: Luck vs. America’s team. How about Luck playing his first Thanksgiving game?

  • New York Giants: Luck vs. Peyton’s little brother, Eli.

How many prime-time games do you think the Colts will play next season?