RTC: How Hakeem Nicks made it

Reading the coverage of the Indianapolis Colts...

Hakeem Nicks overcame a great deal to make it in the NFL. “The abbreviated list: an abrupt separation from his mother as a small child; the resulting unstable home life; the two career-criminal brothers he loves unconditionally despite the prison walls that separate them.” Stephen Holder’s story from the Indy Star.

Ex-Colts tight end Marcus Pollard continues to influence young players with a role in the front office of the Jacksonville Jaguars, wrote Mike Chappell of the Star.

Colts wide receivers need to battle it out, says T.Y. Hilton in this video from the Indy Star.

Hilton's had a very unique first two seasons in the NFL, says Kyle Rodriguez of Colts Authority.

A close look at seventh-round offensive lineman Ulrick John from Josh Wilson of Stampede Blue.

Locker room culture qualifies as a plus in Indianapolis, where Ryan Grigson and Chuck Pagano have emphasized it from the start, says Craig Kelley of the team's website.