Todman responds to challenge

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jordan Todman apparently knows how to answer a challenge.

After Todman bobbled three kickoffs in the Jaguars’ Oct. 27 game against San Francisco, head coach Gus Bradley opened up the competition for the spot and gave receiver Stephen Burton reps in practice last week.

As late as Friday, Bradley said it was possible that both players would return kickoffs against Tennessee on Sunday. Burton didn’t return a kick, but Ace Sanders did, but it doesn’t matter because Todman solidified his hold on the job with his best performance of the season.

Todman averaged 33.0 yards on three kickoff returns, including a season-long 46 yarder.

"I was happy with it to bounce back from what we had in London against San Francisco," Todman said. "It was a good performance by the whole team, whole special teams. We’ve got great blocking out there and we put pride in everything that we do. We’re like one block or two blocks away from taking it all the way a few times this year."

Even though he was on the verge of losing his job, Todman said he never felt any pressure last week or during the game.

“You know you have to come out there and compete at a high level every day at practice,” said Todman, who also rushed for a 5-yard touchdown. “We’ve got a lot of talent on the field who can also do that [return kickoffs]. It was more I knew what I can do and I knew what I did in London, that’s not me. I’m pretty good with the ball so I just knew I had to come out and prove it throughout practice and gain the trust of my coach.”

He has it again.

"We challenged him because he has struggled just handling the ball and I think it showed great faith by [special teams coordinator Mike] Mallory giving him that opportunity," Bradley said. "And for him to capture that opportunity was good."