Josh Lambo will take grandfather's fedoras over Cam Newton's hat style any day

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jacksonville Jaguars kicker Josh Lambo won’t be stealing a page out of Cam Newton’s stylebook on Saturday when he dons a fedora on his flight to New England for the AFC Championship Game.

The fedora is Lambo’s way to pay tribute to his grandfather, Lewis, who passed in 2006. He began wearing one for home games when he was with the San Diego Chargers the past couple of seasons and has been wearing them to away games this season.

Eyes on the prize...and your step...

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Lambo actually doesn’t care for the hat style of Cam Newton, the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers, who has been wearing expensive custom-made lids for every game the past two seasons.

"Oh, God, no!" Lambo said of Newton’s hats. "His style is awful. Awful!"

Not that Lambo has anything against Newton personally.

"I just don’t agree with his style," he said of the 2015 NFL MVP. "That’s his deal. That’s totally cool. Everybody has their own thing. It’s just not mine. But if I had all his money, I’d have custom-made hats, too."

Lambo’s thing is honoring his grandfather, a member of the U.S. Army 69th Infantry division known as the "Fighting 69s" in World War II. As close as they were, Lambo always regretted not getting to know him better.

He owns several of his grandfather’s fedoras, but the ones he wears on road trips usually are Goorin Brothers fedoras purchased at a boutique in San Diego.

"I have the same one in three different colors," Lambo said. "Some people might do it for the style. Some people might do it for the attention. I think it looks sharp. It just adds a new dimension.

"No pun intended, but a tip of the cap to my grandfather."