Mike Brewster laments lost TD

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jacksonville Jaguars guard Mike Brewster could almost taste the glory.

All quarterback Chad Henne had to do was lob the ball in front of him. No doubt in Brewster’s mind he would catch it and then he’d have what every offensive lineman dreams of: his very own touchdown.

"It would have been awesome," Brewster said.

Instead, it was awful. Henne, with a defensive end in his face, didn’t have time to wait for Brewster to get open in the end zone. Instead, he threw a quick pass toward fullback Will Ta'ufo'ou that fell incomplete.

Just like that, Brewster’s chance of catching a 1-yard touchdown pass against the Houston Texans last Sunday was gone. Maurice Jones-Drew carried the ball on the next play and scored, putting the Jaguars ahead 7-0 in a game they would eventually win 13-6.

The play was one the Jaguars have practiced all season. Brewster lines up on the right side of the offensive line as an extra tight end in a jumbo package on the goal line. He fakes a block then runs an out pattern and is open for an easy touchdown.

It’s a play that works often. Tight ends do it all the time. The New England Patriots make a living off it with Rob Gronkowski. Before him they used linebacker Mike Vrabel, who caught 10 touchdown passes out of similar formations with the Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs.

But it didn’t work last Sunday.

"It’s something we’ve kind of been toying around with," Brewster said. "Maybe it would have caught them a little more off guard if we didn’t have to take a time out, because then they kind of probably zeroed in that we’ve got a heavy lineman in and he’s on the end of the line of scrimmage, keep an eye out [for him to go out for a pass]."

Brewster said he’s got good hands and would have definitely made the catch -- "It would not have been a problem to catch it," he said -- and he had a pretty good touchdown celebration planned. He wouldn’t elaborate, but said it would have poked fun at what one of the Houston players have previously done.

Instead, he’s left to wonder if he’ll ever get another shot at a TD.

"If I do some more jumbo on the goal line, even if we don’t call it again they’ve still got to respect the fact that I could go," he said.