Babich vs. Babich, part III

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Defensive coordinator Bob Babich has a personal winning streak he desperately wants to extend when the Jacksonville Jaguars play the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

Daddy 2, son 0.

Babich has bested his son, Bobby, the past two seasons when Babich’s Chicago Bears beat the younger Babich’s Carolina Panthers. It’s somewhat of a stretch, though, since the elder Babich was the Bears’ defensive coordinator while Bobby Babich was an administrative assistant for the Panthers’ coaching staff in 2011 and a defensive assistant in 2012.

But it’s a winning streak that the elder Babich is claiming anyway.

"We’re 2-0 in the matchups," he said. "I think they were going down in two-minute drill and we picked one to win the game [in 2012]. I just know that mom was happy that we won until she saw her son all sad and then she was mad at me."

That’s usually how it works when fathers coach against their sons. It’s pretty much a given that coaches’ wives root for their children over their husbands, although Bob Babich was pretty emphatic that his wife, Nancy, would be rooting for him on Sunday.

"She better be rooting for me," Babich joked. "I’m the one that gives her the money to go see him."

While Bob Babich is staying with the Jaguars in the team hotel, Nancy will be staying with her son’s family. She’ll enjoy the visit, but she probably won’t enjoy the game.

"It’s tough for mom," Bob Babich said. "Me, I really don’t mind going against him. He’s a good kid and we’re proud of him. He’s a young guy in the NFL coming up. It’s fun to see his growth. It really is."

Bobby Babich is in his first season with the Browns as an assistant defensive backs coach. Prior to his two seasons with the Panthers, he was the secondary coach at Eastern Illinois from 2007-10 and a graduate assistant at Kent State in 2006. He played defensive back at North Dakota State from 2002-2005 for then-defensive coordinator Gus Bradley.

Cleveland coach Rob Chudzinski said he can tell Bobby Babich was a little more animated this week.

"It’s Babich vs. Babich on Thanksgiving week," he said. "I know he’s excited and I know they talk a lot and are very close. It’s always a neat deal when you get a chance to do that."