Plays that shaped the season: No. 8

Play No. 8: Touchdown (finally) at EverBank Field

Situation: Fourth-and-1 from the Jacksonville 38-yard line.

Score: Scoreless.

Time: 13:04 remaining in the first quarter.

DiRocco's take: The Jaguars scored their first touchdown of the season at EverBank Field on an interesting call. They lined up with three tight ends. The Cardinals played run all the way, and a play-action fake allowed recently-acquired tight end Danny Noble to get behind the first level of defenders. Chad Henne hit him with a good pass and Nobles broke a tackle to score a 62-yard touchdown. What made the play work is the fact that Noble is a blocking tight end who had only played in five games and never had a catch until Sunday.

Season impact: That was the Jaguars' first touchdown at EverBank in nearly a year. The last TD the team scored there before that came in the first quarter of a Week 16 loss to New England on Dec. 23, 2012. The Jaguars had been outscored 89-11 in three games at EverBank before Noble's TD. That was the first bit of positive energy the Jaguars had produced in their home stadium, and it came in their 11th game of the season.

Quote: "The most important thing was the motion. Yo-yoing the motion and getting him to sprint out right kind of threw the defense off guard. They thought we were going to go right and we went left with it." -- Henne