RTC: Deconstructing Jaguars' analytics

Reading the coverage of the Jacksonville Jaguars ...

We linked Wednesday to David Fleming’s piece from ESPN The Magazine about the Jaguars' analytics department. In that piece, the Jaguars shared three numbers they used to make the case that Blaine Gabbert deserved another opportunity to be the team’s quarterback. Here, however, John Parolin and Jason Vida of ESPN Stats & Info deconstruct those three points and tell us why they aren’t as significant as the team may think.

Playing with Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs opened the eyes of linebacker Geno Hayes, who now stands to start for the Jaguars.

Allen Reisner started camp just wanting to make his coaches know his name. They know it now, and Vito Stellino of the Times-Union says Reisner is in no danger of being cut.

“There are plenty of ‘winnable’ games and, given Jacksonville’s baseline for improvement (two victories), the chances for finishing 2013 with a greater sense of accomplishment are high. Doubling last season’s win total is a fair expectation,” says Chris Johnson of Sports Illustrated.