David Caldwell news conference highlights

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jacksonville Jaguars general manager David Caldwell held a news conference this afternoon at the NFL combine in Indianapolis. Here are some highlights:

On what he looks for in meetings with players: "For us, a true sign of somebody that’s a real competitor is somebody that can identify his weaknesses. I think if they can identify their weaknesses and talk openly about them, that says a lot, because we know that they’re willing to work at what their weaknesses are."

On his patience level with Blaine Gabbert: "I think we’ll treat Blaine like any other player. We’re going to bring him in and have him just compete and develop until we feel like that it’s not in our best interest or until he gets beat out."

On quarterback Chad Henne: "Chad did a really admirable job. We went .500 our last eight games, and we feel like another year in our offense with some more playmakers maybe, and a better offensive line play, he could keep us afloat."

On whether marketability and ticket sales factor into draft decisions: "When Shad [Khan] hired Gus [Bradley] and I, he said it’s not our job to sell tickets. Those decisions are football decisions, and that’s why we promise to put the best 53 players on the field, and if we do that and we win, I think the marketability and the ticket sales will come."

On Justin Blackmon's future with the Jaguars: "We haven’t really thought much about it. If he can get things right and he’s right, we would welcome him back."

On safety Johnathan Cyprien's development: "That was the one thing about Cyp that we’re really encouraged about. We drafted him as kind of that in-the-box strong safety type that would be more of a run supporter, but what we found out throughout the year and when we got him is he’s just as equally good in the passing game and man-to-man against tight ends and in zones."

On players deciding not to work out at the combine: "I think it shows a level of competitiveness in somebody that wants to go out there and show the whole world, and this is the biggest stage you’re going to have for a workout. You’re on national TV, NFL Network, and you’ve got every NFL executive here, so why not do it here and save yourself a bunch of private workouts later on? Each individual situation is different, and a lot of people have a lot of different reasons as to why and why not, and when we sit down with those players we’ll find out what made them make those decisions."