Jaguars free agents: Clay Harbor

Clay Harbor

Position: Tight end

Type: Unrestricted

Summary: He caught 24 passes for 292 yards for two touchdowns and has 71 catches for 713 yards and six touchdowns in four seasons in the NFL (first three with Philadelphia).

Why keep him: He has shown he can be an effective part of the passing game. The Jaguars need at least another pass-catcher at the position and he can even line up as a receiver in a pinch. Plus, he’s not going to cost much.

Why let him go: While he has improved as a blocker since he first came into the league he still needs work. The Jaguars might be better off signing someone who is a better blocker as the second tight end.

Best guess: He re-signs with the Jaguars and works as the No. 2/3 tight end.