Jaguars chat wrap

1JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Here's a sampling of some of the questions from the weekly Jacksonville Jaguars chat.

You can find the full transcript here.

Len Barker (Cleveland): Is Gerhart an admission that [David] Caldwell whiffed on Justin Forsett?

DiRocco: Justin Forsett got hurt and then fell behind Jordan Todman, who really came on. So, yeah, it was a bit of a whiff on Forsett. But it was more that the team needed a No. 1 back and Forsett wasn't going to be that guy even if he was healthy.

Bruce Benedict (Atlanta): Why is there a $25K work out clause in Red Bryant's contract? If you have to pay a guy to work out in the offseason, he can't be very motivated. Horrible signing.

DiRocco: Most every contract includes that. It's just a little incentive to make sure guys come to the "voluntary" workouts. Plus, it's a way to squeeze in extra cash in a contract.

Jay Williams (Durham, N.C.): Please sell me on the re-signing of Chad Henne. With guys like Schaub, Vick and The Sanchize available for next to nothing, why didn't we go that direction?

DiRocco: You really would rather have Mark Sanchez than Chad Henne? That's hard to believe. And the team that ends up with Matt Schaub in the trade the Texans are trying to swing [Oakland] is on the hook for $11 million. That's crazy. Michael Vick is nearly 35 and he's an injury risk getting out of the shower. Henne was the smart choice there.

Scott McGregor (Baltimore): What kind of identity is [Gus] Bradley trying to build with the D? To me, the FA signings seem random and ill-conceived. Thanks for doing these chats.

DiRocco: Well, they beefed up the run-stopping DE spot with Red Bryant (over Tyson Alualu). They added a speed rusher in Chris Clemons, which they haven't had in years, and added a young linebacker who can play strongside linebacker and leo. They got better at each spot so I'm not sure why you feel they're ill-conceived.

Gus Williams (Seattle): I saw the team-friendly deal that Ben Tate signed in Cleveland and the fact that LeGarrette Blount and MJD are still on the market. Do you think the Jags have any buyer's remorse on Toby Gerhart?

DiRocco: No. He's a young RB with low mileage (276 carries) and no injury history. It was a solid signing.