Some Jags fans may grumble at 'Draft Day'

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Some Jacksonville Jaguars fans may not be too happy with the way their team is portrayed in the movie "Draft Day," which was made in conjunction with the NFL.

The movie stars Kevin Costner as Cleveland Browns executive Sonny Weaver Jr., who agrees to a draft-day trade with the Seattle Seahawks for the No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 draft because Browns owner Anthony Molina wants him to make a big splash and select quarterback Bo Callahan.

Amid some personal issues and strife within the organization, Weaver starts having second thoughts about Callahan.

Nothing goes as expected on the night of the draft and that’s where the Jaguars come in. Weaver eventually contacts the Jaguars’ first-year GM, played by Pat Healy, in the hopes of taking advantage of his inexperience.

There’s a fantastic shot of the Jacksonville skyline and EverBank Field at night, but the Jaguars’ GM does come off as a bit of a rube. It’s not as if the movie mocks the Jaguars, but Jaguars fans are understandably sensitive about the team’s perception in the national media, so there may be some grumbles at that scene.

NFL fans are going to like the movie because it does try to show what goes on between GMs, coaches, scouts, and other teams leading up to the draft. It’s over-dramatized and not realistic in spots -- especially the scene in which the Browns’ current quarterback trashes Weaver’s office -- but entertaining. It's also fun to spot the cameos by current NFL players, such as Arian Foster, as well as Ray Lewis, commissioner Roger Goodell, Jim Brown, and numerous members of the media.

The movie opens April 11.