Jaguars chat recap

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Here are highlights from the weekly Jacksonville Jaguars chat. You can find the full transcript here.

Tony (Richmond, CA): Did the Jags jump the gun on Blake Bortles? Would it have been wiser to employ a strategy similar to Cleveland and move up later in the round after picking up a big time player early in the round?

DiRocco: According to a source, there were other teams interested in Bortles and he probably wouldn't have been available if they dropped too far. Several GMs phoned David Caldwell after the draft and said they would have taken Bortles if the Jaguars hadn't.

Dirk (Jax, Fl): I think we all learned about this new regime and contrary to what every media outlet reported, that Caldwell isn't afraid to take chances. Picking Bortles at 3 is taking a major risk mainly due to the fact he is a project, and your risking everything on potential. Me I would have drafted either [Khalil] Mack or [Sammy] Watkins, two super studs that would be major impacts right away. I trust and believe in Dave, what are your thoughts on this risky pick?

DiRocco: Caldwell has shown so far that he's a savvy personnel guy and talent evaluator so I tend to give him the benefit of the doubt. I'm with you, though, I would have gone Watkins/Mack.

Sean (Jax, FL): Mike, where do you see the Jags going with their 2nd round selection? Are center and receiver to 2 biggest possibilities?

DiRocco: That's what the rumblings around the facility are. And Dave made a statement today about drafting that said he wasn't concerned with making a splash. He just wants to go about his business.

Tom (NYC): What impresses you most/least about Bortles?

DiRocco: I like his size, arm strength, and mobility, as well as his willingness to admit his weaknesses. I don't like the fact that he gets sloppy in his mechanics and footwork. But that can be fixed.