Jordan Todman ready for any role

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Jordan Todman was the Jacksonville Jaguars' offensive star of the preseason, but so far has made minimal impact in the first two games.

That might have to change this week against the Seattle Seahawks.

Coach Gus Bradley is optimistic Maurice Jones-Drew will be able to fight through a sprained tendon in his left ankle and play against the Seahawks, but if not the team will turn to Todman, rookie Denard Robinson, and veteran Justin Forsett to help the running game.

For Todman, it’s a position in which he never expected to be when he signed with the Jaguars last November.

"You never know how things might pan out," he said Monday. "I’m just going to plan to work hard to the best of my abilities and be ready to go if need be. I obviously wish [Jones-Drew] nothing but the best, and hopefully he’s fine and he’ll go out there and play and start for us this week."

Forsett is a seven-year veteran who has rushed for 1,668 yards and caught 105 passes in his career. Robinson is a fifth-round draft pick whom the team plans on using as a wildcat quarterback, a running back and receiver. Todman wasn’t really even an option when training camp began, but he played so well in the preseason (223 yards) that he earned a spot on the roster.

He has rushed six times for 9 yards and caught three passes for 20 yards in the first two games. He was the first back on the field on third down against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, but Bradley said that doesn’t mean he’s ahead of Forsett on the depth chart. They’ll continue to share work, whether it’s getting carries in place of Jones-Drew or on third down.

"We’re incorporating both of them," Bradley said. "Forsett is probably 95 percent back healthy and so we’re using both of them. But he [Todman] is learning. Usually you don’t have a third-down back as a rookie, and so he’s going through a learning curve back there. That’s why we have Justin back there as well."

Todman said he doesn’t mind sharing playing time, especially since he knows what it’s like to wallow on the practice squad and not get an opportunity to be on the field at all.

"We all are good caliber backs and we all have our things that we do," he said. "Any time they tell me to go in I just know I’ve got to be ready. At any time it could be Justin. At any time it could be me. At any time it could be Mojo."