Jaguars chat recap: Eye-test results

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Here are highlights from the weekly Jacksonville Jaguars chat. You can find the full transcript here.

Kirk (Duval): Out of all of the players new to the roster that you have personally watched, who passed the "eye test" early on that has you excited to watch once the season starts?

DiRocco: That's a good question. Allen Robinson and Marqise Lee top the list, but that's not really going out on a limb. Chris Clemons is obvious, too. Telvin Smith is another because he can really run. If they can bulk him up without affecting his speed then he could be a big-time player. Another young guy I'm intrigued by is TE Marcel Jensen. He's huge (6-6, 270) but really raw. I don't know if he'll make the active roster but I think the Jags would really like to keep him around and see how he develops.

James (Jacksonville): There is a lot of talk about a franchise going to London in the next few years. Do you think Shad Khan isn't committing to a game in London past 2016 because he doesn't want to compete with a potential London-based team?

DiRocco: I wrote a story today about how beneficial playing a home game in London has been for the Jaguars. I think it would continue to be a financial boon for the team to play a home game there on a somewhat regular basis. Every year is asking too much, but three out of five isn't unreasonable provided the team can maintain the marketing rights it has in the UK. As for a team based in London, I don't see that being as close to a reality as some. There are many issues to be worked out, not the least of which are the huge taxes that non-native athletes who play for teams in the UK must pay.

Jarrod (Jacksonville): Mike, this year is Josh Scobee's 10th year with the Jaguars. Will he be making it to a 15th year or will his salary get too large? (assuming he's still hitting the uprights from 50+)

DiRocco: Actually, this will be his 11th season. He's only under contract through the 2015 season, but he most certainly could still kick effectively for several more years. He keeps himself in good shape and he has not had any nagging injuries. It just depends on how much the Jaguars are willing to spend on a kicker and how much money Scobee wants.

Joey Higgins-Luckow (Madison, WI): Branching off your stricter suspension rules, I've never understood why the NFL is so forgiving on DUI's. I'm a 49ers fan and even I would have banned Aldon Smith for life by now. First time, year suspension. Second time, you're done. Simply no reason for it. I believe teams even pay for luxury cab rides to get home. Completely puzzling to me. Sure, the NFL stepped up when [Donte] Stallworth hit and killed someone. But how about we actually punish the action, not just if the action leads to unfortunate results!

DiRocco: Wholeheartedly agree on a zero tolerance penalty for DUIs. Storm Johnson is a seventh-round pick. His salary for 2014 is $420,000. Patrick Lewis was an undrafted free agent and his base salary last season was $405,000. My point is even the lowest-paid players can afford a cab. There is never an excuse for driving while under the influence.