Jacksonville Jaguars mailbag

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DevInHere 2:09pm via TweetCaster for iOS

@ESPNdirocco #jagsquestion, why purge a roster with limited talent and not replace or upgrade positions when you have you have cap room?

DiRocco: That will be part of the rebuild, just not this year. The team is trying to acquire as much cap room as possible so that they’re in the best shape to pursue any targeted free agents after next season. If there is someone that intrigues them in February they may opt to use some of that cap room. We’re obviously talking about bigger-money free agent here, not signing lower-tier free agents for depth. And to be honest, would adding one or two high-profile fee agents have made much of a difference for this team? Not really because the roster needs so much of an upgrade pretty much everywhere. Plus, they feel they have upgraded in the secondary with Dwayne Gratz, Josh Evans and Johnathan Cyprien and at offensive tackle with Luke Joeckel.

MoviePaul 3:53pm via Twitter for iPad

@ESPNdirocco What are they thinking with Gratz? Would be nice to see him back on the field.

DiRocco: Gratz is making progress in his rehab from the high ankle sprain he suffered in the season opener. He is no longer using crutches and is out of the protective boot. He’s doing pool work, too, so it appears he may have a chance to return in time for next week’s game at St. Louis. The 5-foot-11, 201-pound Gratz, whom the Jaguars drafted in the third round in April, never missed a game at Connecticut and started 39 of the 50 games in which he played.

justinthered 2:04pm via Web

@ESPNdirocco @DenardX is officially a WR on the depth chart. do you think he fits there best? #jagsquestion

DiRocco: Actually, no. He’s better suited to be a running back, because he essentially functioned as a running back who could throw during his career at Michigan. The problem with him lining up at receiver is he has had some issues with his hands, which you saw in the Seattle game when he fumbled the handoff in the wildcat formation. I do, however, think they should try and get Robinson the ball on the perimeter, whether that means pitching him the ball on a sweep or using him on an end around. Throwing him a bubble screen is a safe alternative, too. Getting him the ball in space so he can use us elusiveness could lead to some big plays, which the offense desperately needs.

keiteay 10:30am via TweetDeck

@ESPNdirocco just so we're absolutely, positively, 100% sure: not even if he's released? Am sure his Stans would love to know. #jagsquestion

DiRocco: He was released nearly a month ago and he’s not here so ...

Prolyphiic 10:19am via Twitter for iPhone

@ESPNdirocco who will jaguars take with first overall pick? #jagsquestion

DiRocco: If they’re in that situation I’d be surprised if they didn’t take Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. To me, there’s no logical argument to taking Jadeveon Clowney over Bridgewater -- or any other quarterback that teams believe is someone around which they could build their franchise. Quarterbacks win Super Bowls. Defensive players don’t. That’s not a criticism of Clowney or downplaying his abilities, but if you have a chance to land a franchise QB with the No. 1 overall pick you can’t pass.

And one from email:

How long do you think before Will Rackley will be benched? I understand wanting to see if a guy can develop, but how can you tell if Gabbert is the guy when he has to run for his life on every pass play? Via Tim Hauswirth

DiRocco: I believe a big part of Rackley’s issues is the fact that he hasn’t been healthy and has battle knee issues for a while. Gus Bradley said earlier this week that he wants to see Rackley get healthy before any personnel changes are made. However, he has really struggled along with Brad Meester and Uche Nwaneri and that’s the main reason the Jaguars’ running game is averaging just 52.0 yards per game. If he doesn’t get healthy soon, I think it’s a move the team may make because he’s becoming a liability.