Jaguars chat recap: Watch these guys

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Here are highlights from the weekly Jacksonville Jaguars chat. You can find the full transcript here.

Big Al (Hangover city Fl): What players are you looking forward to seeing the most when the pads go on? For me it's [Andre] Branch since they been singing his praises, and they feel so confident that they released [Jason] Babin.

DiRocco: Andre Branch is one. So are Allen Robinson, Marqise Lee, Telvin Smith, Chris Smith, Dekoda Watson and Toby Gerhart.

james KY [via mobile]: I just wanted to throw out a scenario and curious as to your response! Say if the Jaguars decide to carry 3 QBs into the regular season on the 53 man roster (Henne, Bortles, Stanzi) and say week 6 or later [Chad] Henne goes down with an injury and the staff decides to put [Ricky] Stanzi in over Bortles should we be concerned at [Blake] Bortles' progress or does that just speak to what Caldwell and Bradley are trying to do and also keeping to their plan/word that Bortles wouldn't play until 2015?

DiRocco: I think it speaks more to the latter. Stanzi may not have any game experience, but he is in his second season in the offense and that gives him a huge advantage. I really believe they want to keep Bortles on the bench all season.

Gary Alexander (Cleveland): Is Allen Hurns simply a good story coming out of minicamp or does the potential exist for him to stick? Love the chats.

DiRocco: He took advantage of the reps he got while the other WRs were injured and that has earned him a longer look at training camp. He still faces an uphill battle to make the roster.

Dirk (Jax, Fl): It was stated that [Gus] Bradley met with the heads of the organization to discuss the situation at WR, and that he came up with a plan going forward. What are they doing differently now so that they don't have more injuries? Please don't give me the injuries are part of the game this I know, I want to know what specifically are they doing if your aware of the plan he mentioned. The Jags have been hit hard by injuries year after year so this is why I ask.

DiRocco: Well, they are a part of the game and the only way to 100 percent prevent injuries is to never practice at anything more than a walk-through pace. But the Jaguars are going to limit the number of full-speed reps they do and spread the reps among the depth chart. But honestly, some guys are just injury prone. Cecil Shorts is one. He's missed 11 games in his first three seasons.

Brian Downing (Anaheim): As a season ticket holder, what stadium upgrade should I be looking forward to the most this season? Thanks for the chats.

DiRocco: Depends on where your tickets are. If you're a club seat holder then the four-top tables outside the club are pretty cool. There's also field-level seating, although that's not as good a seat as many would think because it's hard to see. The pools are going to be cool regardless of where you sit. Plus, the Wi-Fi is getting an upgrade, too. But the biggest has to be the video boards. You'll love them.