Chat recap: Trade chance for Clowney?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Here are highlights from the weekly Jacksonville Jaguars chat. You can find the full transcript here.

James (KY): What do you think is more likely? [Jadeveon] Clowney being there at #3 or the Jaguars trading out of the #3 spot if Clowney "slides" to them?

DiRocco: If Clowney is there at No. 3 I'd be stunned if they didn't take him. I can't see them trading out of that spot with him on the board. That being said, I'm putting it 50-50 on him being there. If the Texans don't take him I think he's there because I think the Rams will go Sammy Watkins or an OT.

Danny Graves (Cleveland): Does Denard Robinson's "different approach" include holding onto the ball this season? What has the coaching staff done to address his ball security issues?

DiRocco: That's what the Jaguars are hoping. As for what they've done, there's really not much they can do other than instruct him on how to hold the ball "high and tight." After that, it's up to Denard to commit to doing that.

Jeff Juden (The Bullpen): How many touches does [Toby] Gerhart get a game? Can he be the 3-down back the Jags need? What are his blocking skills like?

DiRocco: Gus Bradley said that between carries and pass receptions Gerhart should get 15-20 touches per game. He's a solid blocker so that isn't an issue. He's an every-down back, according to Dave Caldwell and Bradley.

Poochie (Springfield): I'm trying to trademark "The House that Denard Built" for these chats. At what point does the sideshow that Manziel brings with him outweigh his talent on the field? Seems like he'd be bringing the circus to town. Have a good weekend.

DiRocco: That's a question that individual teams have to answer. Some teams/coaches/GM can handle it a little better. The Patriots, for example, handled the Tebow stuff much better than the Jets. I honestly believe it'd be a good thing for the Jaguars because it would make them relevant nationally. But I don't see him being the pick.