Better hands: Iglesias or Vizquel?

LAKELAND, Fla. -- If ever a man was born to coach Jose Iglesias, it was Omar Vizquel. If ever a young shortstop was born to be coached by Omar Vizquel, it was Jose Iglesias.

And now here they are, together in the spring training camp of the Detroit Tigers, where Vizquel still so looks so good when he takes an occasional ground ball that his manager, Brad Ausmus, joked Saturday that “Omar’s our Plan B” at shortstop.

Later Vizquel said of Iglesias, “Everyone knows what kind of hands he has.” So I couldn't help but ask Vizquel afterward: “Who has the better hands -- you or Iglesias?”

He smiled.

“It’s still me,” laughed Vizquel, whose three different seasons with five errors or fewer (and at least 130 games played) are as many as all the other shortstops in history combined.

And why did he vote for himself?

“I’m already done,” said Vizquel, who is in his first year of coaching after a 24-year big league career. “And I've already proved what I can do. Now it’s his turn.”

Standing a few feet away was rookie third baseman Nick Castellanos.

“What was the answer to that question?” Castellanos asked.

“I said, 'Me,'" Vizquel told him. “I’m already gone. And I already did my thing. It’s his turn to do it.”

“You guys are different,” Castellanos told him.

Vizquel’s response: “It’s just different styles of playing. I think his style is just a little bit more flashy than mine. Even though I was flashy, I have a different style of fielding the ball. But the end result is still the same. Make the out.”

Oh, and there's one more way in which they’re different, Vizquel chuckled: “He talks more than me.”