Chiefs, not Broncos, better choice to be 9-0

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City Chiefs are 6-0 and have three games remaining before their Nov. 17 showdown against the Broncos in Denver. Those games are against 2-4 Houston, 3-3 Cleveland, both at Arrowhead Stadium, and the 2-4 Bills in Buffalo.

The 6-0 Broncos also have three games until meeting the Chiefs: at Indianapolis (4-1 heading into tonight’s game against the Chargers), vs. Washington (1-4) at home and then at San Diego (2-3 heading into tonight’s game). Each team also has a bye wedged in there before Nov. 17.

So which team has the better chance of getting to Nov. 17 at 9-0? Or will both teams be unbeaten then? Neither?

The Chiefs unquestionably have the easier road to 9-0. The Texans are a mess. They’ve lost four straight. It’s anyone’s guess the identity of their quarterback for Sunday. Cleveland’s regular quarterback, Brian Hoyer, won’t play, leaving the job for Brandon Weeden and his feeble passer rating of 71.4. The Bills signed Oakland failure Matt Flynn and he will likely be starting when the Chiefs get to Buffalo on Nov. 3.

Can any of these teams realistically beat the Chiefs? Not the way the Chiefs are playing now. Buffalo has historically been a graveyard for the Chiefs. They haven’t won in Buffalo since 1986, a streak that includes six losses.

But the Chiefs are taking their best team to Buffalo in two decades, so history won’t be an issue.

The Broncos don’t have the easy path to 9-0. Indianapolis is playing good defense. The Colts may be able to slow the Broncos and score enough to beat them. Denver will score some points on the Chargers, but will they do any better against Philip Rivers than they did against Tony Romo?

So there’s a reasonable chance both teams would be 9-0 come Nov. 17. But if only one of them is undefeated by then, the Chiefs are the better choice.