Chiefs should pass at NFL's trade deadline

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The idea of trading for tight end Tony Gonzalez and having him around to help with the drive to win the AFC West championship and get the Kansas City Chiefs to the Super Bowl is a sound one.

It’s just not a very realistic one and with regard to anything short of that, the Chiefs should pass at Tuesday’s NFL trade deadline and move ahead with their roster as it’s presently constituted.

There doesn’t appear to be much the Chiefs could realistically do to improve. They could use receiving help at wide out and tight end, but is anything out there and, again, reasonably obtainable better than Dwayne Bowe, Donnie Avery, Anthony Fasano and Sean McGrath? Players available at this time of year are that way for a reason, and it’s usually because they’re someone else’s trash.

The other thing is compensation. The Chiefs already will give their second-round draft choice in 2014 as part of the trade that brought quarterback Alex Smith from the San Francisco 49ers. So if the Chiefs, say, give their third-round pick to the Cleveland Browns in return for wide receiver Josh Gordon, next year’s draft for Kansas City is for all intents and purposes a one-player deal. Even then, it might not be a great player because the Chiefs will inevitably be picking at or toward the end of the first round.

(A brief interlude to say that after watching Gordon play against the Chiefs on Sunday, I would part with a third-round pick for him. Problem is, that’s not realistic because the Browns wouldn’t take that deal).

There’s a school of thought that says the Chiefs at 8-0 should go all-in and need to make every effort to get to the Super Bowl this season, even if sacrificing next year’s draft is the cost. If you’re on that bandwagon, just don’t complain the next time the Chiefs are 2-14 because that’s where they’re inevitably headed if they’re going to sacrifice next year’s draft.

Here’s the other thing: Are the Chiefs as they are now good enough to win the Super Bowl? They certainly don’t need to change a thing on defense, where they have a handful of guys playing as well or better than they’ve ever played.

They need to make plenty of improvement on offense and even though it hasn’t happened through the season’s first half, it’s reasonable to think it can over the final eight games. Bowe is on pace for 52 catches, 600 yards and four touchdowns, far from his career averages.

That’s obviously the first place to look for growth. Others include Avery, who has had two big games and six mediocre ones, Dexter McCluster, an offensive line that should be delivering more and even quarterback Alex Smith, who is completing only 59 percent of his passes but has the capability of being much higher.

There’s certainly no reason for Chiefs general manager John Dorsey to panic. He’s better off sitting tight with the roster he has than mortgaging the fortune with an iffy move made now.