Signing CB Robinson still good move

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Aside from the 9-0 record of his new team, the Kansas City Chiefs, this is not what veteran cornerback Dunta Robinson signed on to do.

The 31-year-old veteran and a nine-year starter came to the Chiefs as a free agent to be nothing less than a third cornerback. But his new team has had little use for his skills for much of the season.

Sean Smith and Brandon Flowers are the starters. The Chiefs early in the season gave Robinson's spot as the third cornerback to rookie Marcus Cooper once they discovered how advanced Cooper’s skills are.

That has left no playing time for Robinson in any of the last three games. He’s healthy and been in uniform but he’s been nothing but injury insurance that, other when Flowers missed a couple of early-season games because of a sore knee, hasn’t been needed.

“It was tough in the beginning but it’s not now because I know I’m still effective when I’m needed, so I’m in a good place,’’ Robinson said.

Robinson’s skills aren’t what they were earlier in his career when he played for the Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons. The Chiefs lost patience with him when he was beaten deep for a long touchdown by Victor Cruz of the New York Giants in a game in September.

His signing was still a good one for the Chiefs if only for the graceful way Robinson accepted the benching. But with Robinson, there’s more.

“I’m trying to give these young guys someone to look up to from a work ethic standpoint and a film study standpoint,’’ Robinson said. “The things I do in the locker room and in the film room, I know these guys look up to me.

“My role now is just as a leader and a guy when my number is called and they need me to show up to go out and produce. I’ve played a lot of football and where I am on the depth chart doesn’t matter to me in this point in my career.’’