Pioli needs to take blame for problems

Nice get by SI's Peter King to get former Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli to offer his 10 things he learned about being a GM. It’s an interesting read, but Pioli didn't offer the words Chiefs fans deserved to hear: that at least part of what happened on his watch was his fault.

Pioli lamented all the time he had to spend on non-football issues. One of Pioli's failings was that he couldn't delegate authority over matters that didn't relate to the reason he was hired. He had his hand in everything, including matters that had nothing to do with winning and losing games.

Pioli also lamented that different factions within an organization can pull in different directions. Pioli fostered that kind of atmosphere when he operated the Chiefs. That he quarreled with Todd Haley (not blaming this all on Pioli) and had to hire another coach (Romeo Crennel) with whom he’d previously worked speaks volumes about Pioli’s inability to get along with others.