Tyreek Hill is still making his 'play a day' for the Chiefs

Tyreek Hill will be featured even more in the Chiefs' offense this season. Grant Halverson/Getty Images

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- Tyreek Hill said he will always remember some advice given to him by veteran wide receiver Jeremy Maclin last year when he was a rookie and just trying to win some playing time with the Kansas City Chiefs.

"He was like, 'Make one play a day.' That's what I try to live, just trying to make that one play a day..." Hill said.

That hasn't been a problem for Hill at this year's training camp. Hardly a practice has gone by without Hill making a big play like the ones he so often delivered last year. He led the Chiefs with 12 touchdowns.

Hill is now the Chiefs' No. 1 wide receiver. They felt comfortable in releasing Maclin because they have bigger plans for Hill on offense this season.

But Hill indicated he doesn't think like that.

"I still feel like I'm a guy trying to make the team like any other guy," he said. "So I come out here and I give 100 percent every time I'm on the field. I'm going to come out and play like I'm on the edge of being cut, because you never know."

The big plays are a reason Hill won't get cut and doesn't have to worry about playing time or being a featured receiver. He's confident they will continue into the season.

"People tend to [criticize] Alex [Smith] because he can't throw the ball down the field but we see it every day in practice," Hill said. "So I can't wait and I'm excited to see what the season [brings]."