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Alex Smith: It's best to ignore taunts and other insults from fans

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith has heard plenty of taunts, jokes and insults come from fans in the stands in his 13 NFL seasons.

"I've heard a lot of jokes over the years, especially at away (games)," Smith said. "All kinds of stuff. Usually the funny ones don't have anything to do with football."

Experience has taught Smith not to respond. That would seem to be a good idea for every NFL player.

But Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters apparently did respond to something he heard during Monday night's game against Washington at Arrowhead Stadium. Peters had allowed his second touchdown pass of the game in the third quarter and returned to the sideline when he appeared to respond to a fan behind Kansas City's bench with a profanity.

The incident was captured by cameras and shown live during ESPN's game broadcast.

Smith's advice to Peters is to ignore what comes from the stands.

"Certainly I feel like that's never a win getting into it with fans, home or away," Smith said. "Listen, it's an emotional game. We invest a lot. Marcus is no different, all of us. If you're frustrated ... of course, probably not a good thing, not a win there to get into it with fans, especially if you are frustrated.

"I've heard a lot over the years. It's tough. Some makes you laugh and some of it when the timing is hard it can really get to you. I certainly know what that feels like. I feel like anytime you're firing back usually it's not going to end up well and you'll probably regret it. You just learn from it and move on.

"He's certainly not the first guy to do that."

Peters was asked by reporters after the game about the incident but didn't answer the question.

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