Credit Chiefs for not giving up on Davis

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- I had been after the Kansas City Chiefs to play rookie running back Knile Davis more. Davis has his problems, most notably as a fumbler, but he has the ability to help boost an offense, even in limited playing time.

Then Davis returned a kickoff 108 yards for a touchdown last week against the Denver Broncos, so now I have more advice for coach Andy Reid and special-teams coordinator Dave Toub: Use Davis more as the kickoff return specialist.

The Chiefs actually have a nice option there because Quintin Demps, their regular returner, does a nice job as well. But Davis has more big-play ability, so at least early in games or when the Chiefs need the home run, he makes a lot of sense.

Toub said the Chiefs would continue to mix and match the two, using game circumstances to decide.

"I feel like we have two solid guys," Toub said. "Talk about Knile's confidence, that's really going to help him. Quintin has been solid all year for us. It's good to have two guys."

Credit goes to Toub for sticking with Davis, who wasn't used as a kickoff returner in college at Arkansas. Davis was a disaster in training camp, when had had trouble catching the kicks and many of his returns ended poorly.

Now the Chiefs are getting the payoff.

"Early in the year [Davis was] having a hard time catching the ball in practice," Toub said. "Now he's catching all the balls. We feel confident with him getting in the game. He's getting confidence, obviously, having production like he did."

Davis at 227 pounds can be difficult to tackle after he gets moving. He's also fast, as the Broncos learned when they couldn't chase Davis down after he broke into the open field.

"[The Broncos] miscalculated how fast he is," Toub said. "Once he got out in the open field, there were guys that had angles [but] he was gone. They see it now. They see it on tape. It will change.

"But his combination of size and speed, that's different than any other guy I've had."