Charles can't catch Manning for honors

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Jamaal Charles has the same chance of winning the NFL's MVP or offensive player of the year award as you or I do. That's to say those honors have been locked up for some time by Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

Manning, in a quarterback-driven league, is having one of those seasons. In the season's final two regular-season games, Manning needs 666 yards to set the NFL's all-time single-season records for passing yardage. He needs four touchdown passes to set that single-season record.

It doesn't matter whether Manning gets those records or not. He's going to win both awards and Charles won't.

That's not to diminish how Charles is finishing the season and how important he is to the Chiefs.

Other than touchdowns, where Charles with 18 has a four-score lead over Jimmy Graham of New Orleans, Charles doesn't stand out in any statistical category. Charles is second in the league in combined yards from scrimmage, fourth in rushing yardage and second among running backs in pass receptions.

Those aren't MVP or offensive player of the year statistics when measured against those of Manning.

Yet an argument could be made that Charles means as much to the Chiefs as Manning does to the Broncos. Charles has 67 percent of their rushing yards, 49 percent of their offensive touchdowns, 22 percent of their pass receptions and 20 percent of their receiving yards.

That's a lot to get from one guy.

Andy Reid is biased, of course. But he's been around the league for some years and knows what an MVP and an offensive player of the year look like.

"He's got my vote," Reid said after Sunday's game in Oakland, where Charles had 215 yards from scrimmage and scored five total touchdowns in a 56-31 win against the Raiders.

"However many folks that were here today, I'm sure he's probably got their votes. I don't know how anybody could be more valuable to a team's success than he is, so I'm pulling for him."