Reid's history is to rest key players

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- When faced with similar circumstances while coaching the Philadelphia Eagles, coach Andy Reid was consistent in how he handled these situations. When games at the end of a season no longer held meaning with regard to the playoffs and Reid had the chance to rest some of his key players, Reid would take it.

There’s no reason to believe he will do anything else in his first time in that situation with the Kansas City Chiefs. They are locked into the fifth seed in the AFC playoffs and the result of Sunday’s final regular season game at San Diego can’t alter that.

"The obvious benefit is that you (get to) rest your guys," Reid said, adding he had no final decision for how he would approach the Chargers game. "Then you kind of get them back (for the playoffs) a little fresher than what they (would have been) at the end of the season. You take the risk of (losing) the timing part of it. Sometimes that's there and sometimes it's not.

"I’m going to take the time I have to evaluate it and make sure that I do what I think is right. This is one of those decisions that you make and there’s a little bit of a gut feeling that you go with. I’ll go off of that."