Harris most intriguing of young prospects

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City Chiefs began filling out their offseason roster by signing 12 developmental prospects. All but two spent time on their practice squad this season, so 10 are players the Chiefs and their coaches are familiar with.

The 12 players: wide receivers Frankie Hammond Jr., Jerrell Jackson, Rashad Ross and Fred Williams, tight end Demetrius Harris, running back Eric Kettani, offensive lineman Chandler Burden, defensive linemen Chas Alecxih, linebacker Ridge Wilson and defensive backs Malcolm Bronson, Vernon Kearney and Kevin Rutland.

The most interesting prospect might be Harris, the tight end. He was a standout high school football player in Arkansas but played basketball instead in college at Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Harris has a lot to learn but is worth working with. He could eventually become one of those basketball players-turned-prolific-pass-catching tight ends.

Harris went to camp with the Chiefs in 2013 as a rookie and spent all season on the practice squad.