Welcome back, Romeo Crennel

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- After a year out of the business, former Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel plans to return this year as the defensive coordinator for the Houston Texans.

As most, if not all, Chiefs fans would agree, Crennel is better off as a coordinator than as a head coach and he should do a good job for the Texans, who have their share of good defensive players.

There’s no denying Crennel’s full season as Chiefs head coach was a disaster. But he did some good things as their defensive coordinator -- the Chiefs won the AFC West his first season in Kansas City -- and as interim head coach he almost rescued the 2011 season that was rapidly headed for disaster under his predecessor, Todd Haley.

Crennel won two of the season’s last three games as interim coach and Kansas City’s success during that time earned him the full-time job in 2012. The Chiefs would have won the AFC West championship and made the playoffs had they won all three of those games. Instead, the one loss was in overtime against the Oakland Raiders.

Crennel’s time as head coach for the Chiefs also included one of the more exciting games at Arrowhead Stadium in recent memory, a 19-14 victory over the Green Bay Packers, who entered the game with a 13-0 record.

All in all, Crennel wasn’t much as a head coach but he is a good coordinator and the NFL will be better off for having him back on a sideline each week.