Bowe speaks, and says plenty

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Wide receiver Dwayne Bowe did an interview on Kansas City radio station WHB 810 Tuesday, and the Kansas City Chiefs' leading wide receiver had much to say. Here are highlights from the interview. I'll post thoughts on Bowe later. For now, this is a lot to digest.

Bowe on how he felt about the 2013 season: "We had a great record. We were in the playoffs. Anytime you can take your team to the playoffs, I figure that was a great year no matter what the stats [are]. I played all-around great football, blocking and receiving and getting guys into position to be where they [are] today. We've got three offensive guys going to the Pro Bowl. Me helping my team get to that stature is what I call a great year no matter what my stats [are] because I know what kind of player I am and what I can do. It was the first year [of the offensive system]. The coaches were seeing what guys can do. Next year it will be even better stats-wise for me. But when you get to this point in your life, you just want to win."

On what changed for him in 2013 after he signed his five-year, $56 million contract: "Everybody's aiming for you and waiting on you to get into trouble. People try to persuade you to do things to get you [in trouble]. That's the only bad thing once you sign. The world wants you to fail. That's the hard part about it. When you sign that [contract] ... you've got to live right. That's the hard part. You're trying to live right and the police [are] after you, everybody wants a piece of Dwayne Bowe and I had to learn that the hard way. That's how it is."

On his arrest in November for possession of marijuana: "The people close around me and my team and the organization know I had nothing to do with that. I was being profiled. It will all come to light in February. It wasn't a distraction because my teammates know and my family knows. I was being watched and being followed.

"Whoever knows Dwayne knows the truth about it and knows what kind of guy I am. I just can't wait until it's all over so the world will know instead of [just] the people that are close to me what really happened."

On whether the police are really after him: "It's not just them. It's everybody.

"When you're in a town where there's not a whole lot going on, bad media is good media. You've just got to stay calm and stay collected like I [am] now and just move in silence."

On the sprained foot he received during the playoff loss and whether it affected his ability to catch the fourth-down pass, Kansas City's last offensive play of the game: "It had a little crack in it since the third quarter. I really wasn't even supposed to be in the whole fourth quarter. I [toughed] it out and played just because in the last game, you have to take [everything seriously]. I can barely walk right now. I've got my [foot] in a boot right now, as we speak. As I tried to make that play, I tried to get both feet in. If I had got them in, I know I would have probably broke my right foot."

On what he needs to improve on next season: "I want to work on my endurance so I can play the whole game. I was really, really tired that last game.

"I want to be a little lighter than 212. I probably want to play at 208 and try to be as quick as possible because that's the kind of receivers that Andy [Reid] had when he was at Philly. I'll try to be [more] explosive and faster than I was this season. I'm going to become quicker and faster and so I can be like DeSean Jackson and those speedy quick guys."

On whether quarterback Alex Smith deserves a new contract: "He definitely deserves a new contract. He's a leader, a game manager, a game changer. The quarterbacks I had in the past definitely don't amount to what he did in this one single year.

"We've got me ... and [if] we get another good receiver, you never know how far he can take this team. He's a phenomenal guy, he's a great teammate, he's a good brother of mine and I definitely thinks he deserves it."