If Chiefs give a reason, KC fans will watch

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- This should come as no surprise to anyone who spent time in Kansas City this fall or attended a Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium. But the interest in the hometown football team, as defined by local TV ratings for Chiefs games, spiked this season, according to Sports Business Daily.

Kansas City ranked tied for third among NFL markets in viewership of the local team's games. Chiefs games averaged a market share of 42.9, which equaled that of Milwaukee for Green Bay Packers games. New Orleans with a market share of 52.0 for Saints games led the league, followed by Denver with a share of 43.5 for Broncos games.

Also as might be expected for a team that jumped from two wins in 2012 to 11 and a playoff berth in 2013, the Chiefs saw their market share jump a league-high 41 percent over the previous season.

League-wide, market share was up 4 percent over 2012, but 13 markets saw a decline from 2012. According to Sports Business Daily, 10 teams have had their market shares decline in each of the past two seasons and some of them (Packers, Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys) are among the league's most popular or successful.

So TV success isn't a given. But one thing we know about Kansas City: People are going to be watching the Chiefs in big numbers as long as the team gives them the faintest of reasons to do so.