Plays that defined the season: No. 10

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City Chiefs signed wide receiver, Dwayne Bowe, to a lucrative, long-term contract last offseason and expected big things from him. Instead, Bowe failed to lead the Chiefs in receiving for the first time since 2008 and had the worst statistical full season of his seven-year NFL career.

But Bowe saved his best for last, catching eight passes for 150 yards and a touchdown in the playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts. Yet, fittingly for the season he’d had, Bowe did not catch the fourth-down pass that served as Kansas City’s final offensive snap of the season.

The Chiefs trailed 45-44 but were on the move, facing a fourth down and 11 at the Indianapolis 43. The Chiefs got the matchup they wanted with Colts cornerback Josh Gordy covering Bowe one on one wide to the right.

Bowe beat Gordy from the snap and quarterback Alex Smith’s throw along the right sideline was a perfect one. Bowe made the catch, but didn’t get his right foot in bounds after making the grab.

Bowe sprained that right foot during the game. The foot was injured enough to be in a protective boot last week.

If Bowe wasn’t healthy enough to make that catch, he shouldn’t have been playing. Bowe said he thought he would have broken the foot had he gotten it down in bounds. If breaking the foot was something Bowe had to do to save Kansas City’s season, he needed to do it.

The Chiefs have been let down by Bowe on several occasions during his career. This was only the latest.