Chiefs-Broncos to open 2014 season?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City Chiefs will probably begin the 2014 season with a game at Arrowhead Stadium. Because of the proximity of their stadiums, the Chiefs and Kansas City Royals don't play at home on the same day except under unusual circumstances.

The Royals are scheduled to be on the road the opening weekend of the NFL season and then at home the following two weekends. So, unless the NFL does some unorthodox scheduling for the Chiefs early in the season, they will play their opener at home and the next two on the road.

How about the Chiefs and Denver Broncos for opening weekend at Arrowhead Stadium? By losing the Super Bowl to the Seattle Seahawks, the Broncos are available for a road game to start the season. The Broncos also play in Seattle next season, and a Super Bowl rematch could be what the NFL has in mind for the season-opening Thursday night game.

Other possibilities for Kansas City's home opener are the St. Louis Rams, Tennessee Titans, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers.

The Chiefs also play the Seahawks at Arrowhead Stadium next season but that game won't be played on the opening weekend. The Seahawks, as defending Super Bowl champions, will play at home on Thursday night to open the season.