Final word (for now) on Shields

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Randy Covitz of the Kansas City Star is Kansas City's representative to the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Board of Selectors and he did a nice job of explaining why former Chiefs guard Will Shields fell short of making the Hall this year.

Covitz writes that Shields, who has been eligible for Hall selection for three years, has made significant progress and predicts he will be chosen as soon as next year.

Better late than never. As we learned with Derrick Thomas a few years ago and many others, these things take time.

Maybe it's a good thing they do. The last thing the Hall needs is a selection made because of emotion or hype. Those are the regrettable ones.

Speaking of hype, it shouldn't be Covitz's job, or the job of any other representative in any other city, to get the local players into the Hall of Fame. I was asked a couple of years back to join the Hall of Fame's Board of Selectors.

While I was honored, I declined and one of the reasons was I didn't feel it was my duty to have to sell Will Shields, Tony Gonzalez or any other former Chiefs player who comes along to the other selectors. If a player's career needs to by hyped or sold, he doesn't belong in the Hall.

Shields' career, like that of Gonzalez, speaks for itself. Unlike Gonzalez, Shields has nothing in the way of personal stats. His body of work can best be understood by those of us in Kansas City, the ones who watched him work year after year, game after game and down after down.

The same is true for a lot of players from other teams as well. Shields will be no less worthy for the Hall next year than he was this. Here's hoping it happens then.