Justin Houston defensive player of week

Outside linebacker Justin Houston was named as the AFC’s defensive player of the week after last week’s 28-2 win over Jacksonville. The award was expected to come Houston’s way after he had three sacks of Jacksonville quarterback Blaine Gabbert.

“Justin Houston, as I’ve said before, is a monster," said Tamba Hali, the other outside linebacker. “He’s a beast. Justin deserves everything he’s gotten. Three sacks in a game? In this league, that’s like throwing three touchdowns from our standpoint. Three sacks is hard to come by.’’

Hali, who didn’t get a sack against the Jaguars, is already far behind Houston in their friendly sack competition. Hali did have a touchdown off a 10-yard interception return, but he said that was nothing in comparison to the three sacks.

“When you’ve got a guy who’s putting pressure on the quarterback ... it’s well-deserved," he said.