Rookie report: C Eric Kush

How acquired: 2013 sixth-round draft pick.

2013 season: The Kansas City Chiefs selected Kush from tiny California University of Pennsylvania thinking he would be a developmental prospect and they were right. A two-year center in college, Kush was still getting comfortable at the position. He often had trouble during offseason practice and training camp getting the snap to the quarterback correctly, both in the shotgun and in a conventional formation. Kush played in just three games, two as a backup in the final moments. But he started the final regular-season game against San Diego so the Chiefs could rest their usual starter, Rodney Hudson. Kush played about as well as the Chiefs could hope given how raw a prospect he was upon arrival in Kansas City.

Looking ahead: Hudson is solidly entrenched as the starter, so Kush will be a backup again for at least another season. Longer term, that may be all Kush ever is. The Chiefs may want to look at him as a guard during the offseason. That sort of versatility would make him more valuable to the Chiefs.