Rookie report: QB Tyler Bray

How acquired: 2013 undrafted free agent.

2013 season: Bray was the definition of a developmental quarterback. He didn't play during the regular season and was inactive for 15 of the 16 games. He showed considerable skill during training camp and did some good things during the preseason but he was the third quarterback all season behind Alex Smith and Chase Daniel.

Looking ahead: The Chiefs have a lot to work with in Bray, who has a lot of natural ability. He may have more ability to make all the necessary throws than either Smith or Daniel. If Bray doesn't eventually become a good NFL quarterback, it will be because of his work habits and his ability to handle the mental part of the game. If he had those qualities in abundance, he would have been drafted. So it could take some more time for Bray. A reasonable goal for 2014 is that he issues a strong challenge to Daniel as the leading backup. Bray still may be a year away from even that. Either way, it's in the Chiefs' best interest to be patient with Bray. They haven't had a young quarterback with his kind of tools in years.