Free-agent report: S Husain Abdullah

The look at the top 10 potential Kansas City Chiefs free agents concludes with a backup safety and special teams player.

S Husain Abdullah

Five NFL seasons, one with the Chiefs. Will be 29 when next season begins.

Chiefs career: Abdullah didn't play a lot -- though he did start two games -- but he had an impact. He returned an interception for a touchdown to ice an October victory against the Oakland Raiders. Abdullah played some as a fourth cornerback when opponents spread the field. Abdullah was one of the Chiefs' better special teams players.

Argument for keeping Abdullah: The Chiefs could do worse in finding a fourth safety and special teams player. He has some coverage ability as well.

Argument for letting Abdullah go: The Chiefs could find his kind of ability in a younger and less expensive player.

What should happen: As with many of the backups who are potential unrestricted free agents, Abdullah should be on the Chiefs' wait-and-see list. Sign him in the spring if a better alternative doesn't come along.