Six picks not enough to build through draft

If there was a takeaway line from John Dorsey in his question-and-answer session with the media this week, this would be it:

"I'm going to do it the Chiefs' way and the Chiefs' way, as we said all along, is that we're going to be selective in free agency [and] we're going to build a foundation through the draft," the Kansas City Chiefs general manager said.

Nothing wrong with that philosophy. It's been proven successful time and again.

But if a team is going to be successful while building through the draft, it has to be wise in picking players. Usually, the teams that draft the best are the teams with the most choices. Drafting the right players is an art and not a science. Everybody gets some wrong and the more picks a team has, in general the better it will draft. The draft is a percentages game. The Chiefs' best draft in years was in 2008 in large part because they had two selections in the first round and six in the first three rounds.

That's a problem for the Chiefs this year. They have their own first-round choice, but it's only the 23rd overall pick. They don't have a second-round pick, having traded it to the San Francisco 49ers in last year's deal that brought in quarterback Alex Smith.

So the Chiefs have just one of the draft's top 86 picks. They have only six picks, including their own in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth rounds plus a sixth from the Dallas Cowboys in last year's trade involving linebacker Edgar Jones. The Chiefs sent their seventh-round choice to the Cowboys in that deal. The Chiefs also are unlikely to receive any compensatory picks because the only unrestricted free agent of consequence they lost last year was defensive lineman Glenn Dorsey.

That's why a trade down in the first round makes sense for the Chiefs. Maybe pick up that missing second-rounder or an extra third-rounder. Whatever they do, their chances for finding players to build around go up the more tries they get.

Asked whether he would be aggressive in trying to collect more picks this year, Dorsey gave the standard line that every general manager trots out every year at this time.

"My phone is always open," Dorsey said. "You have to do everything within your power to see if you can do things. Just rest assured I'll try to do everything I can to move up, move down. If I feel it's time to pull the trigger and go up and get a player or pull the trigger and move down to get a player, I'll use every resource available to me."