Who was Chiefs' last elite wide receiver?

For those with ESPN Insider access, Matt Williamson has a story on the 14 NFL players he considers to be true No. 1 receivers.Insider He also lists 11 more players he considers to be close enough to be worth a mention.

You won't be surprised by this, but neither Dwayne Bowe nor any Kansas City Chiefs receiver made the list of 14 or the honorable mention.

Williamson defines a true No. 1 receiver by his ability to separate from man coverage and find openings in zones, by his ability to play fast, strong and big and his ability to be difficult to cover even when opposing defenses are scheming to take him away.

This got me to thinking: By this definition, who was the Chiefs’ last true No. 1 wide receiver? Bowe qualified perhaps one season, in 2010. He averaged 16.1 yards per catch and scored 15 touchdowns that season.

But over a longer period? Obviously, Tony Gonzalez was one. Perhaps no receiver in history used his body or found soft spots in zones quite like he did.

For this purpose, I'm talking Chiefs wide receivers only. Derrick Alexander? Stephone Paige? Carlos Carson? Otis Taylor? Help me out here. Tweet your thoughts to me (@adamteicher).