This trade would make sense for Chiefs

I’ve already endorsed the notion that the Kansas City Chiefs should make every reasonable effort to trade down in the first round of this year’s draft. The Chiefs have the 23rd overall pick, but won’t pick again until No. 87, or well after the third round has begun. They don’t have a second-round pick. Theirs belongs to the San Francisco 49ers, who acquired it in the trade that sent quarterback Alex Smith to Kansas City last year.

So moving down and acquiring more picks is a sensible strategy, particularly for a team that wants to build through the draft. The draft is a percentages game, and the teams that generally fare the best are those with the most picks.

Along comes Mark Dominik, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager and before that a scout for the Chiefs, with a proposed tradeInsider between the Chiefs and Houston Texans. The Chiefs would send their first- and fourth-round picks (23rd and 124th overall) to Houston. In return, Kansas City would receive Houston’s second- and third-round picks (33 and 65).

If I’m Chiefs general manager John Dorsey, I’ll take this trade, assuming I can’t find anything better. Though this trade doesn't give the Chiefs more picks, it gives them more good picks. As things stand, the Chiefs have one of the draft’s top 86 picks. If they make this trade, they’ll have two of the top 65. Their chances of having a big draft in terms of covering ground will have increased dramatically.

At 33, they could conceivably get the same player, let’s just say Indiana’s Cody Latimer, they might have picked at 23. They would also have another pick to go get a lineman or whatever else they desire.

So, yes, I’m in favor of this one. On draft day, Dorsey needs to get on the phone with the Texans and at least try to make it happen.