Poll: Which WR should Chiefs take?

Now that fans have declared by a wide margin that the Kansas City Chiefs should select a wide receiver in the first round when the draft (finally) begins next week, we’re doing another poll, this one asking which receiver the Chiefs should select.

For purposes of this poll, we’ll assume that the two receivers generally considered to be the best available in the draft won’t be around by the time the Chiefs get around to picking at 23. So we won’t give you the option of Clemson’s Sammy Watkins and Texas A&M’s Mike Evans here.

It’s possible none of the five we’re offering you will be available, either. A number of teams with needs at wide receiver will pick ahead of the Chiefs and it’s not out of the question that five or six receivers will be off the board by the time the Chiefs get their chance.

So go ahead and log your vote for which wide receiver the Chiefs should take with the No. 23 pick in the NFL draft.