Dorsey won't reveal draft strategy today

Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey will hold a NFL mandated news conference Friday like all teams must before the draft. If not for the mandate, Dorsey wouldn't be answering media questions at this time, and neither would his colleagues from the other 31 teams.

These news conferences are exercises in avoiding the distribution of news. No team is going to reveal its cards before the draft. Dorsey himself, at his first pre-draft presser last year after joining the Chiefs, indicated he doesn't spend any time this close to the draft listening to what his colleagues put out for public consumption.

"Do you know how much I pay attention and listen?'' Dorsey asked last year, about a week before the draft. "I haven't turned the radio on, picked up the newspaper or watched TV in terms of football in a month. And I try to block that out so I can get a really true perspective of what's there and what my goal is to do, to try to get the best available players, so I try to block all this out.

"About the first of April, people kind of stretch the truth here a little bit, so you just have to watch that.''

After going through the transcript of last year's pre-draft presser, the only thing of real interest I found is Dorsey said the Chiefs had between 150 and 160 names on their draft board, or players they would consider drafting at some point. This year's draft is deeper than last year's, so I would expect the number to be slightly higher in 2014.

Even if the Chiefs have 175 players on their board this year, 256 players will get drafted. That says that draft boards from one team from another can be dramatically different.