Roster analysis 2013 to 2014: RB

Here’s another installment of our detailed look at the Kansas City Chiefs' roster by position with a determination whether they improved or not since the end of last season. Keep in mind that the Chiefs can continue to make roster moves and could make significant additions or subtractions before they arrive at training camp. But the bulk of the roster they will take to Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph is intact.

We'll continue here with the running backs.

End of 2013: Jamaal Charles, Knile Davis, Cyrus Gray, Anthony Sherman.

Serious 2014 roster candidates: Charles, Davis, Gray, Sherman, Joe McKnight.

Analysis: For our purposes, we’re going to count rookie De'Anthony Thomas as a receiver and not a running back. He may play some here but Charles and Davis should get most of the playing time. So this group could be the same unless there’s an injury or McKnight is able to steal Gray’s roster spot. Sooner or later, Charles' ability to deliver consistently huge production will drop off, but I’m not going to predict it this year. Davis came a long way from the start of last season to the finish. If he’s recovered from his broken leg, he’s capable of giving the Chiefs more than he did last season. Sherman, the fullback, should have another big season as the lead blocker.

Better or worse? Slightly better based off predicted improvement from returning players.