Rookie review: QB Aaron Murray

Today we’re continuing a series looking at the six 2014 draft picks of the Kansas City Chiefs. We’ll look at how they fared in offseason practice and what the Chiefs can reasonably expect from them as rookies

Fifth round: QB Aaron Murray

Offseason: The most remarkable thing about Murray in spring practice is that he showed no physical limitations despite having surgery the last week of November to repair a torn ACL. He wore a brace on the knee but otherwise looked comfortable in going about his work. Murray was usually the fourth quarterback in line behind Alex Smith, Chase Daniel and Tyler Bray but appeared to being a quick study when he did get his chance. He didn’t force many throws, a flaw that usually trips most young quarterbacks. At 6-foot-1, Murray is short for a quarterback and had some of his passes tipped by defenders at the line of scrimmage.

Expectations: The Chiefs won’t ask much of Murray immediately. He’ll spend the season as an apprentice and, the Chiefs hope, contend for playing time down the road.

Quote: “He’s a winner. I mean bottom line, he’s a winner. He’s been a winner at every stage that he’s played between high school and college. [He’s] ultra‚Äźcompetitive and smart. What I like about him is when there are big drives to be made late in the game, this guy made those drives. He didn’t always win them, but he made those big drives at the end when it really counted. If you want to put some statistics in there, he’s got multiple records in the SEC, which is as good a conference as there is in today’s football. He performed at a very high level.” -- General manager John Dorsey.