Poe deserves his spot in ESPN MVP ranking

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- ESPN's Dan Graziano ranks the NFL's MVP candidates each week. This week, with the Kansas City Chiefs advancing to 2-0, he has nose tackle Dontari Poe as No. 10 on his list.

I say Poe is deserving. Has there been a more impactful defensive player in the NFL so far this season? Poe has 3.5 sacks and has been superb against the run, but there's more. The Chiefs have a number of defensive players excelling this season, including Tyson Jackson, Mike DeVito, Derrick Johnson, Kendrick Lewis and Eric Berry. For that, they owe a debt to Poe, who has been a consistent force.

Graziano contacted me this week, asking my opinion of Alex Smith. With four touchdown passes and zero interceptions, Smith has been everything the Chiefs have asked of him. I don't think the Chiefs would be 2-0 without him.

But he hasn't been spectacular. Poe has been that. I'm also fairly certain the Chiefs wouldn't be 2-0 without him in their lineup, either.

The decision requires some thought, but so far I'm ranking Poe above Smith for Chiefs MVP.