Chiefs need to hang on to QB Tyler Bray

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- Even if starter Alex Smith was signed for the long term, it would be bad business for the Kansas City Chiefs to relinquish their hold on a promising young quarterback. Given that Smith is signed for only one more season, that strategy would border on lunacy.

With that established, the Chiefs need to hold on to quarterback Tyler Bray for at least one more season. Bray has more natural throwing ability than any of the Chiefs’ other quarterbacks, Smith included, and he’s been showing it since Kansas City started training camp.

Bray went undrafted last year out of the University of Tennessee not because of any lack of physical ability but because of questions surrounding his work ethic and his skills in reading coverages and understanding defenses. The Chiefs knew it would take some time for Bray to develop, if he ever would, so they should take every necessary minute to allow him to do so.

There’s no indication the Chiefs are ready to give up on Bray. He has consistently been behind Smith and Chase Daniel but ahead of rookie Aaron Murray in the quarterback rotation at practice.

It’s not a bad idea for the Chiefs to keep all four quarterbacks. It’s an unconventional move but if it allows the Chiefs to retain Daniel, who played well in his one start last season, as well as their two developmental quarterbacks, it’s the right decision.

The Chiefs received a glimpse of Bray’s potential last summer, when he threw three touchdown passes in a preseason game against the Green Bay Packers. He may never do that again, in an exhibition game or the regular season, and his career may amount to nothing.

But this is a case where the Chiefs need to be sure to find out.